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【Global Web Reporter Zhang Zhiying】At the 2017 SALT conference in Las Vegas, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, made a speech saying that companies should not hire too much. "Glue people", these people are the people in the team who are "responsible for an active atmosphere and improve colleagues' relations."

According to foreign media reports, at the SALT conference, Schmidt explained to Hedun, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn, that with the expansion of Google, they are constantly recruiting “glue people”. But then, Google developed a variety of ways to find talent, including investigations, tests, and inquiries, and finally found that for a startup or a large company, job seekers had two of the most important things: persistence and curiosity. Both of these are more important than others.

"Persistence is the single biggest factor in the future success. The second important thing is curiosity. What do you care about? Once you combine persistence and curiosity, you can almost predict that the employee will succeed in the knowledge economy." Schmidt Say.

Schmidt emphasized that in the recruitment process, how to find out and excavate these qualities is more important than discovering other things. Finally, it is asked if he likes to work with that person. Later, Google co-founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Schmidt decided to repair the recruitment system and not hire too many "glue people."

Alphabet is one of the most influential integrated companies in the world. It employs more than 60,000 people and has a market value of approximately 663 billion U.S. dollars. In 2001 Schmidt joined Google as CEO and managed hundreds of employees. Ten years later, when he stepped down as CEO to become Google's chairman, Google had about 32,000 employees.

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