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Bookbinding hot melt adhesive


The wireless Glue Binding is widely used in printing and binding. This is mainly manifested in the processing of paper, fabric and paper paste, stick cover, ring lining, pulp back, etc. It is not suitable for processing requiring high adhesive strength to require starch paste adhesive. To complete, we talked about the composition of bone glue, we know that the price of bone glue is extremely high, and it is rarely used. It is mainly used in high-grade books and pictures. Synthetic chemical glue works better and can be used in all aspects.

How do you bind books with thick pictures? It is not a general brochure binding, just a horse-riding binding (equivalent to stapler binding) can be, we usually use the stapler to know that thick books are not bound, if interested friends can find a Thick book, open it down, how is bound? Most of them are glued to glue, but in the glue, there are cotton threads, which is to increase the firmness of fear and use cotton thread first sewing.

With the advancement of printing and bounding of booklets, glue binding has been developed and can be supplemented by the use of cords, ie, perfect binding, which mainly uses starch paste adhesive, animal glue, cellulose adhesive, synthetic resin adhesive, and starch. The main components of paste glue are starch paste and dextrin. Animal glue mainly refers to animal bone powder, horn and skin, also called bone glue. Synthetic glue is mainly made of polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol and Hot Melt Glue. Composition. With so many varieties of wireless glue, wireless glue book development is very mature. From this we believe that perfect binding is very strong.

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