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On the 8th, the reporter learned from the Quality and Quality Assessment Center for Gold and Silver Jewellery of the Harbin Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute that at present, most jades are purchased by consumers, but the Jade sold on the market is divided into A, B, and C cargoes. , consumers must distinguish before buying.

What is the difference between A, B, and C?

According to Fang Damin, an engineer at the Quality and Qualification Center of Harbin Institute of Quality and Technology Inspection, the A goods generally refer to jade without any artificial treatment, and the jade will be more moist. B-item Jade refers to the soaking of natural jadeite with poor quality, so that it is dirty, yellow, and after the plastic injection treatment, the color is improved. The B-item Jade was corroded by acid. Although it has increased transparency, it will become stained and lose its luster after a long time. The C cargo jade is artificially colored on the original jade without color, and it is also a fake. B cargo, C cargo emerald generally imitate A cargo Jade, but the value of goods with A is very different.

How to distinguish "false" jadeite

Look at the colors. Look at the goods along the Jade Emerald, careful observation can see the B cargo surface has a lot of pits and pits, the color is not bright, not natural; C cargo Jade towards the light to see the color is distributed along the cracks, it looks very Like capillaries.

Second look shiny. Germplasm with a poor germplasm quality is polished with a glass sheen. The firm texture and glass luster can often differentiate B cargo from C cargo and A cargo.

Three look at the structure. Translucent observation, A cargo Jadeite transparency, small particles; B cargo Jade grain size, but the transparency is higher, showing the inconsistency of transparency and structure. In addition, B goods in the blue or yellow-green under ultraviolet fluorescent light, gently tap the B cargo Jade bracelets, the sound bored, and the A cargo Jade bracelets sound crisp and sweet.

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